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Every Haircut is based off what you are looking to Achieve. We give thorough consultations and listen intently. We have every Aveda Shampoo and Conditioner on Backbar so you can feel the difference!

Women's haircuts: $42.00 and up

Men's haircuts: $28.00 and up

Children's haircuts (Under 11 yrs):  $20.00

Bang Trim: $10.00

Shampoo & Style: $25.00 


Color Services


Aveda Color is Customizable. We determine what color to use based off of what your hair will pull naturally. Leaving a perfect tone every time. Are you sick of your hair always pulling red tones? Customizable color always takes care of that problem. Call us for a consultation!

Full Color: $95.00

Root Retouch single color: $65.00 

1/4 Highlight: $85.00 - $90.00

3/4 Highlight: $100.00 - $105.00

Full Highlight: $120.00

Full Color & Highlights: $110.00 - $120.00

Prom Upstyle: $50.00

Facial Waxing: $15.00 Per Area

Botanical Repair Add-on Treatment: $25.00



Vomor Extensions

VOMOR 100% Remy Hair Extensions. Tape in system to avoid damage to the hair. Vomor is one of 4 Hair extension brands certified by the American Hair Loss Association to NOT create tension on hair follicle, resulting in hair loss. VOMOR come in 30 different colors and 3 different lengths; 12 inch, 16 inch, and 20 inch. 


**All 30 color options on hand in the 12 inch hair and most colors in 16 inch for same day application. 

**Please call to schedule a free consultation for an exact quote. 

Initial Application (1 box): $45.00

Initial Application (2 box): $95.00

Initial Application (3 box): $115.00

1 Box Upkeep (6-8 weeks): $60.00

2 Box Upkeep (6-8 weeks): $120.00

3 Box Upkeep (6-8 weeks): $175.00

***  Application and Upkeep prices do not include price of hair! 

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